My Bright Shining Star

My Bright Shining Star

Written by Mummy and Esme, 29/08/2016, 03:25am

Esme you are our little shining star.

You are the most kind, considerate, selfless and sweet natured girl.

You are such a strong fighter. You never give up and you fight whatever the world throws at you and even through the toughest times you continue to fight.

You are my darling. You look at me, hold my hand and say, “Mummy, I am fine, I am happy, loved and safe.”

You’re my tiny dancer. You are the most graceful mover. We always look at you and see your graceful ballerina arms, practising your pirouettes or you lifting your legs high into the sky. Your feet always have to be set free.

Everyone who meets you or sees you, says how beautiful and perfect you are. You have the cutest button nose, the most adorable chin, the softest skin, the most perfect hands and feet and the brightest, kindest blue eyes.

You take everything in your stride and are always so calm and relaxed. Your sister loves you so much although is a little bit more feisty than you. You both always look after each other and are always there for one another. You know exactly what the other needs, whether it’s a watchful eye, a cuddle or helping the other to become strong and overcome anything. You two will always have that and always have each other. You are our little Campbellinas.

You are a Daddy’s girl through and through. You enjoy hours of him tickling your feet and having fun curling your toes around his fingers. We both agree that Daddy’s cuddles are the best and most safest place to be in the world.

You have the most amazing Godparents, Uncle Bill, Aunty Kirsty, Uncle Nicky and Aunty Helen, who will always cherish you. Your Grandparents love you dearly. You are always, ‘good for Gran’, you love your stories with Grandad, your cuddles and stories with Grandma and your singing with Grandad Jim. Your two dogs, Hattie and Mila are always happy to find out what you’ve been up to.

Esme Ann Campbell, we love you with all our hearts and you have taught us so many things. You are so gorgeous, so courageous and brave and strong and so so beautiful.

Our little super star.

I love you to the moon and back and Daddy loves you more than 40 streets xxxx


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