A First for Everything – Autumn & Winter

Our first year without Esme.

On many occasions during the first year without Esme, I was anxious about life without her or thought that I should be spending the day with both of my daughters or worried about how I would cope, especially if I wasn’t in the comfort of my own home. Continue reading “A First for Everything – Autumn & Winter”

Still a Mummy of Twins

In the initial weeks after bringing Charlotte home, I put stars up all over our house. Just like I felt closer to Esme when I was out walking the dogs, seeing the stars everywhere in the house made me feel closer to her indoors. Continue reading “Still a Mummy of Twins”

For my husband

22nd September 2016

Dear Grief

I’m afraid to tell you, that you have created a ridge between myself and my husband. I hate you for it. You are the one thing that I want to talk to my husband all about but he won’t let me. Continue reading “For my husband”

Just one more time

Aching arms

For the first few months of having Charlotte home, I found night-time and early morning feeds the hardest. Even though I had Charlotte cuddled into me feeding and Connor was there asleep, I felt lost and lonely. Continue reading “Just one more time”

Life after NICU – out & about

The firsts

Before Charlotte left the neonatal unit she had to do a car seat challenge. This was to make sure she could tolerate being in the car seat for the journey home, without her breathing being affected. Continue reading “Life after NICU – out & about”

Life after NICU – Homelife

Bringing Charlotte home was one of the most exciting yet daunting events of my life.  

My first weeks at home with Charlotte were spent lost in a confused array of emotions. I was filled with love, joy and worry for Charlotte alongside pain, heartache and grief for Esme. Continue reading “Life after NICU – Homelife”

Home on oxygen

When Charlotte and Esme were still in hospital and a nurse explained to me that some babies go home on oxygen, I freaked out. At the time, I told the nurse that I would rather stay in hospital until their lungs were strong enough to breathe by themselves. Continue reading “Home on oxygen”

A guide to surviving the Neonatal Unit

This is by no means ‘one list suits all’ but it is how we survived the battle of the neonatal unit.

Continue reading “A guide to surviving the Neonatal Unit”

Family Integrated Care

In the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), infants are physically separated from their parents and this often has an impact on the physical, psychological, emotional health of both the parents and the infants. Family Centred Care is an approach to planning and delivery of health care that encourages greater parent involvement in their infants’ care. However, parents generally remain relegated to a supportive role in the NICU, and the majority of care for the infant is provided by NICU professionals. Continue reading “Family Integrated Care”