The home straight

At the end of September the outreach nurse came to see me and said that we would now be looking at the next stages of preparing Charlotte to go home. I never thought I would ever hear anyone say that. It was a distant dream. Continue reading “The home straight”

Esme’s Day

Monday,12th September, 2016

After returning from the hospital that afternoon, I gathered all the things I had collected to decorate the village hall and walked down, ready to meet my girlfriends, Connor and my sister. Continue reading “Esme’s Day”

I did get to hold my twin girls

Wednesday 31st August

I was giving Charlotte a big cuddle when my mother in law arrived. She was flying back to Northern Ireland later that day and wanted to see her granddaughter. Charlotte was rather wriggly on my chest, compared to her usual cuddle, when she would just snuggle and sleep. Continue reading “I did get to hold my twin girls”

My Esme

After finishing my writing with Esme, I felt much better. I felt a weight had been lifted knowing I had captured everything I wanted to remember about her. A piece of writing about my baby girl that would stay with me for life. Continue reading “My Esme”