I did get to hold my twin girls

Wednesday 31st August

I was giving Charlotte a big cuddle when my mother in law arrived. She was flying back to Northern Ireland later that day and wanted to see her granddaughter. Charlotte was rather wriggly on my chest, compared to her usual cuddle, when she would just snuggle and sleep. Continue reading “I did get to hold my twin girls”

My Esme

After finishing my writing with Esme, I felt much better. I felt a weight had been lifted knowing I had captured everything I wanted to remember about her. A piece of writing about my baby girl that would stay with me for life. Continue reading “My Esme”

Saturday 27th August

After a restless night‘s sleep, I woke up, expressed and got ready for the day. I hadn’t worn my Selfish Mother jumper yet and today felt like the right day. When I was pregnant I had seen on Instagram ‘Mother_of_daughters’ wearing one. I couldn’t wait to buy one when I became a mother to Charlotte and Esme. I treated myself when I registered their births. I put it on with pride. Continue reading “Saturday 27th August”

The Deceptive Rainbow

Saturday 20th August

After visiting our girls, we were looking forward to taking my parents to a steakhouse in Leeds to say thank you for looking after us over the past three months. The last time we had been was for Connor’s 30th and we’d shared half a lobster and enjoyed the best steak. That morning, the most beautiful rainbow appeared across the fields at Mum and Dad’s house. Continue reading “The Deceptive Rainbow”

Fine line between hope and despair

Towards the end of July, I felt we had started to turn a corner. Esme was doing great and was tolerating her maximum milk allowance and Charlotte wasn’t too far behind. Continue reading “Fine line between hope and despair”

The Family Room

On the 16th July, Charlotte’s tummy became distended and she developed bilious aspirates (a symptom of bowel obstruction) the following day. It was upsetting seeing her tummy so swollen and shiny. My maternal instinct kicked in yet I was denied acting upon it. Continue reading “The Family Room”